Do I need to bring any special equipment to camp?
Only if you want to as our program areas are stocked with the proper equipment. However, we do have campers who bring their own instruments, baseball/softball gloves, and tennis racquets. If you would like to bring something to camp that’s special to you go for it!
Are there any activities that cost more?
Only two: golf and horseback. We are fortunate to partner with Poland Spring Golf Course to provide PGA instruction for our campers. We also work with Wilsonbrook Farm to offer campers experienced equestrian instructors along with an indoor riding arena and over 100 acres of riding trails. Therefore, our golf and horseback program have additional fees for these high level of instruction and first class facilities.
Is anything mandatory?
Camper’s choose their five activity periods for each week and those activities are entirely their choice. We do offer guidance and encouragement with each camper in choosing their activities to meet their goals, but there are no required activities that they must take. Parent’s are able to require their child to take certain activities while at camp. You will find a form in the pre-camp mailing (comes out in the spring) offering you, the parents, the chance to let us know if you want your child to partake in any specific activities such as swim instruction, ESL instruction, etc
Is the camp accredited?
North is proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association. That means camp North Star meets or exceeds the 175+ standards outlined by the ACA in all key aspects of camp operation, specifically those related to program quality, and the health and safety of campers and staff. Brooke and Steven are both actively involved in the ACA. Steven has been a board member since 2007 and is a frequent speaker at ACA Conferences.
I want to go for four weeks, do I need clothing for the whole time?
No. We have a laundry service that runs each week for our campers and staff. (fees apply)
Do I get to choose my activities?
YES! We believe that every camper should be comfortable at camp and that means trying new things to their personal comfort level. Our program staff sits with each camper each week and designs the schedule that best fits them and their interests.
What if I don’t like one of my activities? Is it too late to change?
Since we encourage campers to try new activities, sometimes they will realize it’s not what they expected. That’s a life lesson we teach our campers and explain to them how easy it is to change into a new activity.
Will there be other new kids in my cabin?
Yes! We welcome new campers of all ages each session. Our Camper-to-Camper Program also gives all new campers the opportunity to talk to returning campers of the same age and gender a few weeks before arrival day.
What if I’m allergic to certain foods or have a special diet?
Camp North Star is all about individual attention and needs. This includes food options and allergies. Our Food Service Team is able to accommodate many allergies and dietary restrictions and provide healthy alternatives. Contact us to discuss your child’s specific needs
Can my child have medication at camp?
Yes. All medication (other than emergency medications; epi-pen and inhalers) are required by state law to be stored in the Health Center at all times. We keep all medications under lock and key until it is dispensed to the camper. Our medical staff is trained on the proper handling and care of such medications as outlined in Federal and State law.
How will I know if my child gets injured?
For any and all Health Center visits requiring more than a band-aid or a sip of water our medical staff immediately contacts home to ensure proper communication between medical staff, parents and children. This ensures the best course of action as well as peace of mind for each child knowing that their parents are also involved.
Does my child need to bring any money?
Keep the money at home. Campers have no need for money while they are at North Star. Everything is provided for them during their stay including trips and snacks.
How can I contact my child during the summer?
Don’t reach for your phone. North Star is proud to be a screen-free camp, so calling or texting won’t be an option. Campers should leave their phones at home. You can email your child through your CampMinder account. Emails are printed out each day and hand delivered to your child. There’s also a password-protect photo gallery that you’ll have access to. We strongly encourage you to write letters too. Hundreds of photos are uploaded each day so you can see your child participating in activities. Parents can schedule a ten minute phone call with their child each session. And you will receive a phone call from the Boys or Girls Director with an update on your child after the first 48 hours of the session.