At Camp North Star, There are endless opportunities for campers to be leaders

Caring about fellow campers and staff, being a positive role model, supporting a friend, following the rules, and being an environmental steward, are all examples of being a leader. You won’t find the word “leader” or “leadership” in the RICHS, which is the value system we follow at camp. But by being Respectful, Independent, Caring, Honorable, and Spirited, our campers and staff are leading by example every day.

As our campers get older, there are more instances for them to lead and learn about leadership. When North Star campers finish 10th grade, they have the option of participating in our Leadership Training program. There are three main components to the program.

Daily Classes

The daily classes are led by our directors on topics including public speaking, resume writing, interviewing techniques, internet safety, organization, and interpersonal communication skills.

Weekly Hands-On Workshop

During these workshops, campers learn real life skills. We teach our campers how to complete every day tasks such as writing a check, balancing a checkbook, doing a load of laundry and changing a flat tire.

Community Service Project

Each session, the campers volunteer in the local community to give back to the residents and non-profit organizations. Volunteer opportunities include Poland Township Day Camp, Good Shepherd Food Bank, Range Pond State Park and Partners in World Health. The participants of our leadership training program become more productive campers as well as members of their home community. It’s also the first step to become a successful North Star staff member. The following summer these campers are now ready to be a Counselor in Training (CIT) and are two years away from being a North Star counselor.