What is the job of a typical staff member?
Most staff at North Star have a dual role as a cabin counselor and an instructor. Being a cabin counselor means you live in a cabin with 1 or 2 other counselors and 7 - 10 campers. Cabin counselors become the parents/caregivers for the campers in their cabin; they are responsible for the general health and wellbeing of the campers. Monday through Friday, for up to 5 hours a day, cabin counselors teach activities in a specific program area, which include athletics, waterfront, outdoors, and the arts.
Where is Camp North Star and what is the property like?
We are on a beautiful 200-acre property in Poland Spring, Maine that is 40 minutes from Portland and approximately 2 hours from Boston. Our property wraps around a 55-acre private lake, and is highlighted by tall pine trees. That’s why we say that we are “under the pines.” Campers and staff live in comfortable cabins that have 2 private bathrooms, electricity, wooden furniture, and 2 ceiling fans.
What is a typical daily schedule?
We pack a lot into a day! Wake up is at 7:15 AM and bed time ranges from 9 - 10:30 PM, depending on the age of the campers. In between, there are 2 activity periods in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. After dinner, there are evening activities that include dances, campfires, casino night, beach parties at the lake, lip sync contests, and trips.
When does camp start and end?
The camp season for campers starts on June 23rd and ends on August 10th. Staff arrive between June 8th and 12th. Your arrival date depends on your specific position. There are required training days for boat drivers, lifeguards, and ropes course staff between June 9 - 12. Campers attend for 2 - 7 weeks with most campers staying at least 4 weeks. Staff are required to work the entire camp season.
When is staff scheduled for time off?
Counselors have a scheduled hour off each day between breakfast and dinner. Each week counselors are also scheduled two evenings off. Throughout the summer, counselors are also given 5 full days off. These days off last 24 hours, and counselors can leave property if they would like to. There are numerous options of fun things to do near camp during your time off, including shopping, restaurants, beaches, state parks, and other fun sightseeing activities.
Who are North Star campers?
Our campers come from all over the United States and around the world. We are truly an international community. Last summer, campers came from 26 states across the U.S. and 11 foreign countries. North Star is a diverse and inclusive community comprised of campers and staff from various cultures and backgrounds.
In addition to a salary, what else does camp provide for staff?
We offer competitive salaries within the summer camp industry. Additionally, North Star provides meals, housing, and a weekly laundry service. For staff who travel to camp by plane, we provide bedding (sheets, pillow, and blanket). There’s a health center staffed by nurses 24/7 if you aren’t feeling well and need any medical attention.
What is the food like at camp?
It’s great! We serve 3 meals and 2 snacks each day for campers and staff. Camp North Star prides itself on healthy options that are kid friendly. There’s a hot entree at every meal with one or two sides, and at lunch and dinner, in addition to the main meal we also offer pasta, a full salad bar, and grilled cheese sandwiches. We only use fresh fruit and vegetables in our meals, and there’s always fresh fruit available as a snack in between meals. We offer options for campers and staff with food allergies, food intolerances, and special diets including vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Camp North Star is a nut-free camp.
Any important staff rules or policies?
There’s a handbook that outlines all the rules and policies. It is important to know that our property is smoke, drug, and alcohol free regardless of a staff member’s age. That means there is no smoking of any form (cigarettes, vapes, juul, etc.) or the possession of on the property. The same rule applies to drugs, including any form of marijuana or alcohol.
What is a technology-free camp?
Camp North Star is proud to be technology free. By disconnecting from technology, campers and staff can make strong personal connections with each other. If campers travel to camp with a phone, electronic games, or computer, they must be kept locked up at the camp office, and they will receive them on their departure day. All staff technology stays in the staff lounge where there are phone lockers that contain charging cables, and larger lockers for other electronics. Staff can use their technology during all scheduled off times. There is free WiFi in both staff lounges.
Camp sounds like a lot of fun, but how much work is involved?
We say it’s the most challenging job you will ever love! Staff are responsible for campers 24 hours a day. Cabin counselors are the parental figure for their campers. That’s a demanding job that starts when they wake up in the morning and ends when they are asleep. It’s also one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever have, where you have the ability to have a positive and lasting impact on a child’s life.