It's more than just a summer job...
Give yourself an experience full of personal growth.

Joining the North Star TEAM can be the experience of a lifetime. If you’re only interested in the paycheck, stop reading. We’re not the right fit for each other. We’re seeking applicants to join our TEAM who are interested in being part of the North Star family and are ready for a rewarding and memorable summer where they’ll have the opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact on campers and fellow staff. After spending a summer with us, staff learn that the skills they gain stay with them wherever they go in the future.

What is the salary?

Salaries range from $2000 to $3500. Age, camp experience, special skills, and advanced certifications are all taken into consideration when determining salary amounts. Housing, meals, and laundry are included in the compensation package. All employees must be legal to work in the US by being a US citizen or holding a J-1 visa.

Staff is given generous amounts of paid time off to enjoy all that Maine has to offer. This includes hours off during the day, evenings off when staff can go out to dinner, movies, and other activities in the area, and days off that can be spent exploring the towns, beaches, and parks in the area, as well as the nearby Portland, the largest city in Maine.

Where do staff live during the summer?

Room and board is provided for all staff members. Most camp staff members live in cabins with campers. Cabins are furnished with wooden bunk beds, electricity, cubby space for personal belongings, and two full private bathrooms. 8 to 10 campers and 2 to 3 staff members live together in each cabin. Campers are grouped by age, grade, and gender and live with staff members of the same gender. All camp staff members, even those living in staff-only lodging, are trained to live with campers and are prepared to step into that role as needed. We are a team, working together to ensure every camper has a rewarding and memorable camp experience. At Camp North Star, the kids come first!

What are meals like?

Camp North Star’s dining hall serves 3 prepared meals and 2 snacks to the entire camp community each day. A coffee and tea station is available all day to staff only. A breakfast bar of fruit, cereal, and bread is available with a hot meal each day. A salad bar is available at lunch and dinner. Staff members sit with campers and are on duty at meals. Any allergies or special dietary needs must be discussed with the director before camp begins. We can easily accommodate most special diet requests including, but not limited to: vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

What other benefits do staff members receive?

• The health center is staffed 24/7 with registered nurses who take care of all campers and staff throughout the summer to make sure everyone stays healthy.
• Staff is provided weekly laundry service for all staff.
• All materials needed throughout the summer – sports equipment, art materials, spirit gear, staff t-shirts, etc. – are provided for staff members.
• North Star’s leadership team also provides support, advising, and mentorship to all staff members. Directors offer advice and guidance, answer questions, and provide references throughout the summer and long after the summer is over.