Best Attractions In Poland, Maine

The home to Poland Spring Water and the iconic Poland Spring, this town is surrounded by five lakes and is one of the top destinations for those in search of clean water and air for more than 200 years. Located 10 miles from the Maine Turnpike, the town of Poland is the central destination for visitors who would like to visit the forested foothills of the Western Maine Mountains or the urban center of Lewiston-Auburn.

In the summer months, Poland is famous for activities such as fishing, hunting, canoeing, kayaking, and geocaching. In the winter months, this town is the ideal destination for off-road trails for the outdoor enthusiasts, skiing, and snowmobiling. If you are planning a visit to Poland, Maine, here are some of the best attractions this town has to offer.

Poland and Poland Springs, a Victorian Era resort area, still entices visitors throughout the year. This area invites guests with the opportunity to relax, unwind and to explore a variety of outdoor locales and historical sites. One of the main attractions in the area includes the Spring House. Here visitors can take advantage of a tour of this site. In the 1830’s, a basic construction project resulted in the discovery of a natural-spring. This resulted in the first bottled water from the spring that went on sale in the year 1859. The Poland Springs Bottling Company still serves pure-quality water from this spring to customers across the globe.

Poland and Poland Springs

The operational Bottling Plant and restored Spring House receives countless visitors each year, while the All Souls Chapel and Maine State Building are prime examples of the unique and beautiful historical architecture in this area.

From water play to bottled water, the three best attractions in this area include Range Pond, Sabbathday Lake, and Tripp Pond. All these areas offer a host of fishing, swimming, and picnic opportunities. The wide sandy beaches and easy-to-access waterfront of Range Pond are what makes this area the ideal summer vacation spot. Also, Sabbathday Lake provides sun-bathing, relaxing and swimming along the stunning shores of these historic lakes that are situated on the land that belonged to the last Shaker community. The boaters and anglers flock to Tripp Pond in their pursuit of white perch, smallmouth and largemouth bass.

While the outstanding outdoors is what attracts visitors throughout the year, Poland has some other activities on offer. The Martindale Golf Course that opened in the year 1921 offers a golf course of quality that is ideal for players of every ability. Other attractions include the tour of the Old Poland Schoolhouse, where visitors get to experience what a school was like in the 1800s.

While visiting Poland Springs and Poland, various resorts, outdoor camping, Inns and commercial hotels offer visitors and tourists accommodation for their restorative, exciting and adventurous stay while in Maine. For those visiting Poland, Maine, it is advisable to use the Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport. There are no commercial flights that use this airport, but tourists may charter or fly a plane for transportation to fishing or hunting expeditions.

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