Historical Landmarks In Poland Maine

Poland Springs

Hundreds of years back the world-renowned Poland Spring Water, and the iconic Poland Spring Hotel transformed a western Maine town into a recognized national and state landmark. Poland is located 35 miles to the North of Portland on Route 26.

The Maine State Building and All Souls Chapel have become a part of this town’s national heritage. Today, these buildings are still enjoyed as a site for the town’s art gallery, musical concerts, and weddings.

The Maine State Building

Visitors to the Maine State Building are usually shocked with disbelief that in the late part of the 19th century, this magnificent building had been constructed out of materials sent from Maine to Chicago and at a later stage transported back to Poland Spring by ox cart and train.

This building was originally built in the year 1893, for the Chicago Worlds Fair which also went by the name of the Columbian Exposition. This Fair celebrated the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus‘s arrival. Dozens of countries and all 44 states and some companies sent their buildings to these grounds to participate in this grand event. There were close to 200 building on these grounds

The All Souls Chapel Landmark

The landmark chapel in this town is a building that was first constructed in the year 1912 and was later added to the register for historical places in the year 1977.

The building was first built for the use of staff as well as guests that stayed at the Spring Resort. Today this historical landmark is now owned by a preservation society in Poland, Maine. The chapel is home to an Ernest M. Skinner Opus 564 pipe organ and stunning hand-painted windows. Today the venue is still used for some weddings, plays, and concerts.

The Poland Spring House And Bottling Plant

This site is home to a historical treatment and water pumping facility, in the town of Poland, Maine. First built in the year 1907, the two buildings happen to be the original water spa and spring house of the renowned Poland Spring Resort. The water from this spring is still bottled to this day under the brand name of Poland Spring.

This resort happened to be the most successful and largest of the inland summer resorts in Maine. These buildings were also listed in the year 1984, on the National Register of Historic Places. The Spring House is now home to the Poland Spring Museum and Environmental Education Center. This venue is open seasonally to visitors and exhibits the history of this company as well as the bottling operations. This is inclusive of vintage memorabilia and scientific displays.

The spring was first founded by Hiram Ricker in the year 1845. The brand Poland Spring was a top seller for spring water brands in the U.S. in the year 2006. In the year 2007, the brand adopted bottles that used 30% less plastic, along with Nestle Waters North America brands.

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