History Of Poland In Maine

With a current population of 5,376 (2010 census), Poland is one of the smaller towns in Androscoggin County and remains known as the home of Range Ponds State Park. The region has played a historical role in Maine and has a rich background most people are unaware of.

This read will chart out the beautiful and remarkable history of Poland in Maine and how it all came together for this petite-sized town in the heart of such a large state.

Granting of Land

It was in 1765 when the officers at Massachusetts General Court gave land to a man named Sir William Phillips and his men. These men were key soldiers who served the nation in the Battle of Quebec (1690). Previous to this grant was another grant stating the land was “Bakerstown,” but that didn’t last when the time came around for a decision to be made on Poland. It was disregarded in 1741, and they decided to move forward with a new grant. At this time, it was still called Bakerstown but eventually was named to modern-day Poland.

Industrial Progress

The town of Poland had to grow, or it would wither away, and that is where Poland’s water power became critical to how well it was functioning. The water power sites were established in the town and included a tannery, sawmills (4), a carriage factory, and even a gristmill. As time went on, the industrialization became widespread, and that was when new people and money started rushing into town. Poland became a unique resort town for people.

Poland Spring House

Since tourists were coming in from all over, it became important to seat them and make sure they were accommodated. This was when the Poland Spring House was given birth to in 1876. The hotel sat next to the White Mountains with a beautiful view that drew people in from all over the States.

How popular were this hotel and its view?

It was visited by the likes of Joan Crawford, Jack Paar, Jimmy Durante, Benjamin Butler, and Robert Goulet to name a few. These were people of great wealth and fame who were stopping over in Poland for a brief stay. However, this didn’t last forever as World War II came around and led to the demise of this hotel. In the end, Apollo Industries got rid of the hotel and made a Jobs Corps facility for women to work in. This also didn’t last for long and had to be removed once it was set on fire in 1975.


What is it famous for now?

Poland in Maine is renowned for its water just like it was at the peak of its water power production. It is now being used as a brand by Nestle under the name “Poland Spring,” which is a type of bottled water the corporation is marketing.

Poland is a unique topic of conversation as a small town and has had a sparkling history.

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