Parks In Poland Maine

Located south of mechanic Falls, right off of the 95, is a town called Poland in Maine. The closest major city is Portland, however you can also go to Brunswick and Augusta which are also close by. In this town of about 5000 people there are several lakes. This would include Thompson Lake, Tripp Pond and many others. There are also several parks that are nearby. Here is where you can go to have an excellent time when you visit Poland in the state of Maine.

What Can You Do In Poland Maine?

This location is very well-known for its many parks. If you haven’t been there before, it is a wonderful place to visit during the summer. There is a place called Pumpkin Land that you should also see during the fall where you can pick out the perfect pumpkin. There is also the Poland preservation Society which is a type of Museum. However, if your main goal is to learn more about this community, you will want to go to the many different parks that are there.

Parks In Poland Maine

The first place that you should go is called the Range Ponds State Park. While you are there, you can do boating, fishing, or simply spend time by the water. Depending upon the time of year that you go, it is possible that you may actually have the entire area to yourself, especially in the early morning on the weekdays. There are places to hike in this beautiful scenic region. From there, you can head over to Sebago Lake State Park. There are many trees that are there which are perfect for boating, swimming, paddle boating, kayaking and canoeing. Essentially, all of the parks in Poland are best suited for those that enjoy doing things out on the water.

Will It Take Long To Find This Place If You Are Not From There?

If you are in Portland, Lewiston, or Brunswick, you are roughly 30 minutes from this destination. There are signs on the 95 that will show you exactly where to turn off. There are hotels that you can stay at and even book online. It’s easy to find, especially if you are from this area of Maine which has so many different lakes to offer. If you enjoy spending time in parks, there is no better place them Poland in Maine. It’s a destination that you should consider visiting for a couple of days so you can see these amazing parks that so many people enjoy.

Parks in Poland Maine are some of the best in the state. You are surrounded by lakes, trees, rivers, and forests in all directions. It’s designed for those that would prefer not being so close to the ocean, but would like to experience how it feels to be inland. It is certainly one of the more unique areas of the state of Maine, a place that you will certainly enjoy if you get the time to visit. It is highly recommended that you travel during the spring and summer, although the fall can be fined if you are arriving in late September or early October. You will find that this is a great place to bring your kids, or your significant other, because of all of the natural places that are so enjoyable.

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