Spending your summer at Camp North Star
is the best real job you'll ever have.

Don't be fooled, working at sleepaway camp is a real job. If you can succeed in this role, you'll be more prepared for any future job. We are looking for highly motivated individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of campers and fellow staff. In return, staff will gain valuable life skills including leadership, communication, public speaking, organization, and flexibility that will make them a more skilled applicant to a future employer in whatever field they pursue.


Be a mentor who leads by example, and provides support, inspiration, and motivation. Receive hands-on experience teaching art classes, coaching a sport, teaching new skills, and being a mentor to the next generation. Gain experience working with campers of all ages.

Communication Skills

Becoming comfortable having hard conversations with campers, staff, and directors. Learning to adjust your words to communicate your message to all audiences. Knowing how to advocate for your values and the values that we focus on at Camp North Star.

Public Speaking

By learning to lead an activity, introduce yourself to your cabin, or dress up in a costume and do a silly dance in front of the entire camp, you’ll become comfortable speaking to a crowd, giving a presentation, or holding a conversation with just about anyone.


Bringing a group of 10-year-olds to breakfast on time, taking a group of teenagers on a trip exploring a national park, or developing lesson plans for a weekly of classes takes a level of planning and organization some CEOs couldn’t pull off. Master planning, time management, and efficiency skills that will be invaluable in all areas of life.


Learning to adapt quickly to new circumstances, and find new opportunities, even on a rainy day when the schedule needs to change because you can’t play sports outside when it’s thundering and lightning. You’ll learn to pivot quickly and lead an indoor activity that will engage your campers.