It’s our most popular waterfront activity. Whether campers are trying it for the first time or they’re ready to jump wakes, it’s an activity that everyone looks forward to.


Campers progress from simply learning to balance on the board, through tacking and jibbing, to using a harness and foot straps for all the wind-harnessing fun on our lake.


There’s nothing more beautiful than sailing on our 55-acre lake on a sunny summer day. Learn to use our easy to handle Pico sailboats with classes in beginner through advanced.


Paddle throughout our 55-acre lake. Campers learn the J stroke and how to overturn and use a canoe for safety. Everyone gets to explore by canoe or kayak to the beaver dam.


It’s similar to water skiing but a small board is used instead of two skis. Campers have the option of choosing Wakeboarding or Waterskiing each day.

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